The spaces we inhabit shape our lives, our memories and our futures.

At Das Design we believe that buildings represent more than the forms they create; houses become homes, schools should be investments and businesses can make communities.

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As architects, Das Design understand that buildings represent more than the forms they create and that houses should become homes.

The design of your home can uplift your everyday life and change the way you feel about where you live, if it's done well. But what exactly is lifestyle architecture?

A beautifully designed home isn't just about drawing some plans, throwing up some walls and filling the space inside with well-chosen furniture and appliances. It begins with a consideration of who is living in the house and how they want it to function. What are their needs and how do they want their home to feel?

Das Design takes a holistic, creative approach to the design process, considering the psychology of space to help make an environment that boosts your mood and makes life more pleasurable. The goal is to work with you to make the home a place that is uplifting and inspirational to reside in - a home that is sensitive to the way you and your family live your life.

Key to this approach is to recognise the multitude of ways in which our home can affect our feelings. Light, colour, space, texture and other factors have small but significant impacts on your emotions, whether conscious or subconscious.

Das Design takes all these things into consideration on their projects, whether they be new homes built from scratch, or the remodelling and extending of existing ones. They put you and your well-being at the core of their creative strategy, designing your house from the inside outwards.

How does that work in practice? It means the clever use of natural and artificial light to enhance and accentuate space. It means liberating the layout to let spaces flow in a way that suits the way you want to live.

It also means blurring numerous boundaries. Das Design aims to give you a home that feels different depending on the time of day and time of year, creating an environment that's enduring and constant, but also subtly transformed in response to the varying rhythms of climate and the seasons.

It can also mean finding fresh ways to blur the line between the inside of your home and your outside space, connecting your building to its surroundings. When this succeeds - and Das Design's track record of previous work tells us that it does - it will feel like you're on holiday when you're in your own home, a truly magical feeling.

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