Dunlop Hall

Dunlop and District Community Company engaged us in 2009 to design an extension to the main hall.

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We have completed the first stage providing a detailed Building Condition Survey Report. The purpose of the report was to identify and prioritise building elements that required immediate attention. However, additionally we were also asked to advise on potential improvements that could be made to the thermal insulation qualities of the building fabric and the inclusion of renewable energy sources. Therefore as well as providing a structured maintenance regime the report also targets advising on improving the hall’s energy efficiency to ultimately reduce its carbon footprint.

Following on from this report we will provide repair recommendations, drawings and details that will include building fabric upgrade improvements. We have been engaged to provide a full architectural service therefore we will also be producing tender documentation, identifying and evaluating Building Contractors, obtaining and appraising tenders and submit recommendations to client. Once a suitable contractor has been chosen we will project manage the construction programme.