Industrial architect Ayrshire. Anaerobic digestion plant, Barkip, North Ayrshire. Client Zebec, SSE.

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Industrial Architect Glasgow | Renewable Energy Production

Opened by Prince Charles in May 2012. Barkip is the largest combined organic waste treatment and energy generating facility in Scotland and at the time of its official opening the largest AD plant in the UK. The plant can process up to 75,000 tonnes of organic waste annually and produce 2.2MW of renewable electricity from the biogas produced, enough to power approximately 5,500 homes.

The fully operational facility is one of the most technologically advanced in the UK and has a major role to play in meeting Scotland’s renewable energy production and waste recycling targets.

Barkip takes in food waste and other organic matter from industries such as agriculture, food production, food retail and alcohol production. This waste is then broken down by bacteria to produce biogas. The methane rich biogas is combusted in gas engines to generate electricity. The residual material forms a nutrient rich digestate, a liquid suitable for use as a fertiliser in agriculture.

Barkip is a truly sustainable zero-waste solution for organic wastes and can divert a staggering 37,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill each year.


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