Fairview Ayrshire

A stunning new residential development of architect designed eco-houses in North Ayrshire, Scotland

  • 700x500_0006_Fairview HT1-Front Driveway_AS.jpg
  • 700x500_0005_Fairview HT2_GARDEN ALL_PL edit.jpg
  • 700x500_0007_Fairview HT3-Garden_PL edit.jpg
  • 700x500_0006_Fairview HT4-Garden V2-1_PL edit.jpg
  • 700x500_0004_HT1--Lounge--brighter--extra fire glow.jpg
  • 700x500_0000_HT2--living-garden_PL edit.jpg
  • 700x500_0003_HT1--Main Living--brighter.jpg
  • 700x500_0001_HT1--Stairwell gallery.jpg
  • 700x500_0005_HT1--Kitchen.jpg
  • 700x500_0002_HT1--Master Bedroom.jpg
  • 700x500_0000_Fairview_Site_Plan.jpg
  • 700x500_0001_Fairview_Arial_plot4.jpg
  • 700x500_0002_Fairview_Arial_plot3.jpg
  • 700x500_0003_Fairview_Arial_plot2.jpg
  • 700x500_0004_Fairview_Arial_plot1.jpg
  • 700x500_0009_Dunlop2020 - 73.jpg
  • 700x500_0008_Fairview - 16.jpg

View a fly-through of the Fairview Residential Development

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4 Eco-homes Available from Ayrshire Architect Andy Steel

Ayrshire architect Andy Steel is developing these 4 bespoke eco-houses in Ayrshire, Scotland. Are you looking for your dream home? This unique opportunity could be your chance to live in a designed-to-order eco-house in the picturesque Ayrshire countrysidePlease get in touch to find out more and we'd be delighted to discuss.

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